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Get Answers To Your Auto Repair Questions Here

Have you thought about attempting to fix your car issues yourself? Nowadays, folks tend to go to mechanics regardless of the severity of their auto issue. This article can be your guide for car repairs. The tips below can help you save money and feel good about doing it. When you run into car problems, […]


Arm Macs are a big gamble, and Apple is all in

Apple is on the verge of making one of the biggest platform changes in the company’s history. On Tuesday, it’s expected to announce the first Macs that will run off Apple-designed processors and graphics cards instead of the Intel chips it’s used since 2005. It’s a strategy that Apple has employed to great success with […]


Nokia’s name gets slapped on 4K Android TV box with sleek results

There’s a new Nokia-branded Android TV box on its way to Europe, according to The Streaming Box 8000 is the work of Streamview, and its website notes it has licensed the Nokia brand to sell Smart TVs, set-top boxes, and DAB+ radios across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The streaming box reportedly supports […]


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now get a month of Disney Plus for free

Microsoft is adding a month of Disney Plus to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription this week. If you’ve never been a Disney Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to claim a month of the service for free from the Perks Gallery on an Xbox console or through the Xbox Game Pass mobile apps. Disney Plus […]


Sony gives your PS4 a second life: slinging a PS5 to another room of your house

The PlayStation 5 can do practically everything the PS4 can, with only a small handful of games and features getting left behind. (Bye-bye, 3D Blu-ray.) But there may be one compelling reason to keep your PS4 around: you could pick up where you left off in a PS5 game from another room of your house. […]


Sony reveals PS5 games will be region free, and the console will support PS Now

The PlayStation 5 will launch on Thursday, November 12th, and Sony has published a huge FAQ outlining a lot of details about the new console. Buried in the FAQ are a few new tidbits that mean you’ll be able to play even more games than you might have expected on the PS5. PS5 games will […]


Four Seasons Total Landscaping becomes a VRChat hangout for furries

Post-election celebrations took many forms this past weekend after President-elect Joe Biden was projected to be the 46th president of the US. Those ranged from mass dance parties in the street to countless online expressions of some much-needed collective schadenfreude at the expense of Donald Trump and his surrogates who refuse to accept the reality […]


Zoom has settled with the FTC over ‘deceptive’ security practices

The Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with videoconferencing platform Zoom over “misleading claims” about its security. The agency said in a statement that when Zoom incorrectly claimed its video calls were protected by end-to-end encryption, the company engaged in “deceptive and unfair practices that undermined the security of its users.” Zoom said in March […]