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Get Answers To Your Auto Repair Questions Here

Have you thought about attempting to fix your car issues yourself? Nowadays, folks tend to go to mechanics regardless of the severity of their auto issue. This article can be your guide for car repairs. The tips below can help you save money and feel good about doing it. When you run into car problems, […]


Diabetes is a ticking time bomb in sub-Saharan Africa

Diabetes is a serious, chronic condition that affects the lives and well-being of individuals, families, and societies globally. It is characterized by excess levels of sugar in the blood. There are three main types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. Type 1 diabetes often begins from childhood. It occurs when […]


Anti-aging therapy useful against metastases, leading towards personalized therapy of patients

A preclinical study conducted at the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR, affiliated to USI Università dellaSvizzera italiana) reveals the role of aging cells in the formation of metastases and identifies a drug capable of blocking them. The findings of the group of researchers in Switzerland, Italy and the United States, led by Prof. Andrea Alimonti, […]


Reviewing past neuroscience research that explores the neural mechanisms of aggression

Aggression is a common behavior both among humans and other animals, which is known to be particularly important for defense, protection and survival. While psychologists and neuroscientists have been investigating aggression for several decades, recent technological advances have enabled the collection of increasingly precise and insightful data that has helped to identify many of the […]


Q&A: Finding meaning and resilience six months into the pandemic

After passing the six-month mark of coronavirus shutdowns, many people are still struggling to find hope and a sense of meaning in their lives. Much about the virus and how to control it remains uncertain; consequently, rates of depression, anxiety, suicidality and substance abuse are increasing. But even with no end to the crisis in […]


‘Mom guilt,’ work hours rise in pandemic parenting, but so does quality family time

It has now been nearly nine months since many parents transitioned from on-site jobs to working from home—and have been not only parenting, but homeschooling as well. It seems safe to say most parents never dreamed their homes would become schools, home offices and the only place to entertain their children without feeling anxious about […]


An epidemic outbreak of Mesoamerican nephropathy in Nicaragua linked to nickel toxicity

For more than 20 years, an epidemic of chronic kidney disease (CKD) of unknown origin has severely affected specific coastal communities along South America’s Pacific coastline from Mexico to Panama leading to more than 50,000 deaths. The condition, known as Mesoamerican Nephropathy (MeN), has a perplexing clinical presentation. Unlike traditional forms of CKD, it affects […]


Two engineers design and donate a technique to make N95 masks reusable

In the spring of 2020, as the pandemic created a worldwide shortage of N95 masks, two Stanford engineers working out of their homes designed and demonstrated an effective yet inexpensive way to disinfect personal protective equipment (PPE). In two papers recently published in the journal Applied Optics, they described how they used ultraviolet light (UV) […]