Aldi shopper spots customer ‘tampering with eggs’ and putting them back on shelf

An angry Aldi shopper says she alerted staff after watching a fellow customer tamper with eggs before putting some back onto the shelves.

She explains that while she was shopping at her local Aldi in Australia, she was standing behind a woman waiting to select a box of eggs when she noticed she was opening cartons.

Many shoppers will look inside a box to ensure none of the eggs have been broken, but she claims this customer was transferring free range eggs and regular eggs between the cartons.

“I noticed her swapping eggs from one box to another but I wasn’t sure what she was doing until she put the cage free box back,” she wrote on the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

“She swapped caged ones with cage free.”

Free range eggs are considered to be more ethical but it appears the shopper didn’t want to pay the higher price that comes with it.

Not only would the move cheat the system by getting herself free range eggs for a reduced price, she left the regular eggs in a free range box for another unknowing customer to pick up.

The shopper who witnessed the act said she alerted a manager about the incident but the customer had already left before they could intervene, as reported by Yahoo.

“It’s not fair to the person who is going pay for them not knowing what’s inside,” she wrote.

The post sparked anger among fellow Aldi shoppers as one said: “That’s so bad and frustrating that people would do that, I always try to buy free range eggs which aren’t cheap so I wouldn’t be happy!”

A second replied: “It would never occur to me that someone could do this!”

And another added: “Unbelievable. I’ve heard everything now. The things people do.”

Aldi has been contacted for comment.