‘Fake Oxford University student’ begs seller for free hoodie to trick parents

A clothes seller has shared a wild confession they reportedly received from a fake uni student trying to blag a free hoodie.

The seller, who had listed an Oxford University hoodie on retail platform Depop, shared a message they received from the desperate woman.

After being shared on popular Instagram Depop Drama, people have been left in stitches by the unusual request.

The person – whose identity remains unknown – claimed that they had told their parents that they were accepted to Oxford University despite failing to get in.

They said they had gone to extreme lengths to maintain the facade, including spending all their dosh on textbooks that they claimed they had borrowed from the library.

On Instagram, the leaked message said they lied to their “really pushy” parents after failing.

But things have got out of control and they claimed that they are still lying to their family a year later.

The full message on Depop said: “Hey, this is kinda random and a bit cheeky of me but do you mind selling me this for free.

“The issue is I firmed Oxford last year and unfortunately missed my grades, but lied to my (really pushy) parents and said I got in.

“A year later and I’m still deep in the lie and they think I actually go to the uni.

“I think this jumper would a lot [sic] of cred to the story!!

“I know its a big ask just to give it away for free but I’m completely broke cause I’ve been spending all my money buying textbooks that I “borrow from the library.”

“Help a girl out?”

More than 22,000 people have liked the post with hundreds offering their advice in the comments.

One person commented: “With the amount of effort they put in lying, she could of studied and got into Oxford?”

A second joked: “Also would you mind pretending to be the chancellor on the phone to my mum to tell her that I’m doing well.”

A third quipped: “Won’t send you the hoodie, will send you soap SO YOU CAN COME CLEAN.”