Bruce Arians has no issue with Friday the 13th

Plenty of questions posed to football coaches involve hardcore, X-and-O topics. Some don’t.

On this Friday the 13th, which you may not have noticed because every damn day since Friday, March 13th has felt like a Friday the 13th, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians was asked whether he suffers in any way from triskadecaphobia.

“Thirteen is my number, so I have no problem with Friday the 13th,” Arians told reporters. “That was my number in college [and] I have 13 on my golf balls, so I’m good. Some people do [have superstitions] — I don’t have too many. You get on a streak [and] you try to eat the same things. Sometimes it gets funny — whatever you had to drink Friday, you drink the same thing.”

That menu of beverage options presumably include the hardest of the hard liquors all the way down to rum and Coke, the drink for when you’re not drinking.

Arians likely will be drinking more than usual if the Bucs lose at Carolina on Sunday and fall to 6-4. With a few more losses, they could fall right out of postseason contention.