Bruce Arians has no issue with Friday the 13th

Plenty of questions posed to football coaches involve hardcore, X-and-O topics. Some don’t. On this Friday the 13th, which you may not have noticed because every damn day since Friday, March 13th has felt like a Friday the 13th, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians was asked whether he suffers in any way from triskadecaphobia. “Thirteen is […]


Reviewing past neuroscience research that explores the neural mechanisms of aggression

Aggression is a common behavior both among humans and other animals, which is known to be particularly important for defense, protection and survival. While psychologists and neuroscientists have been investigating aggression for several decades, recent technological advances have enabled the collection of increasingly precise and insightful data that has helped to identify many of the […]


Why it’s not always smart to pay off your house right away

Dear Dave, My wife and I have two kids and one on the way. We’re debt-free except for our home, and we have our emergency fund in place. We’ve also been saving for retirement, with me putting 15% into a 401(k) and her putting 10 percent into her retirement account. On top of all this, […]


Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers now get a month of Disney Plus for free

Microsoft is adding a month of Disney Plus to its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription this week. If you’ve never been a Disney Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to claim a month of the service for free from the Perks Gallery on an Xbox console or through the Xbox Game Pass mobile apps. Disney Plus […]


Statue restoration goes wrong as critics complain it now resembles Donald Trump

A clumsy restoration job has left a historic Spanish sculpture of a woman looking like Donald Trump, critics have complained. The renovated statue above a bank in Palencia, Spain, has been mocked relentlessly online. It has drawn unflattering comparisons with a 19th-century painting of Jesus that was famously dubbed “monkey Christ” after a devout church-goer […]