Walkers officially confirms that Monster Munch are claws – not little monsters

Walkers crisps have finally put an end to a debate which has been raging for years; is the iconic Monster Munch shape a claw with four fingers, or a monster with two arms and legs?

With fans fiercely divided over the true identity of the crisps, Walkers last month released limited-edition ‘Monster’ packs, containing “new innovative monster shapes”, alongside opposing Claw packs.

Some fans even claimed the monster-shaped snacks “tasted better than the claws” in a bid to sway public opinion.

In reality, the crisps inside both packs were the same identical crisps they have always been, and the only difference between the two was the new packaging they came in.

But as the move fired up the debate again, Walkers put it to the fans to finally have a decisive say on the official shape with a poll on social media.

More than 60,000 people had their say in the most important vote of the year, gaining 220,000 interactions from passionate supporters from both sides – with the ‘Claw’ shape emerging the winner.

Will Robinson at Walkers Snacks said: “Claw or Monster is a debate that has continued to divide British opinion as much as whether or not you put jam or cream on your scone first, or whether that famous dress was gold or blue.

“Therefore we felt it was only right to settle the debate once and for all, through launching our ‘Monster’ and ‘Claw’ shaped packs and asking the fans to decide – and now they have spoken.

So moving forwards it won’t be open to debate – they are officially ‘claw’ shaped forever more. Or until our innovation team gets restless, at least.”

The people have spoken, so if you voted Monster please accept defeat graciously as there will not be a recount nor an investigation into the polling no matter how many times you demand it on Twitter.