Starbucks staff confess questions they’re fed up of being asked by customers

It’s no secret that hospitality workers have to put up with a lot – from rude customers to the dreaded rush period where everyone seems to want to order a million things all at once.

And if that weren’t enough, they’re also faced with answering customers’ queries and questions day in and day out, which can get pretty old, pretty quickly, as staff at Starbucks have revealed.

Baristas have taken to social media to share the questions they are really fed up of being asked by customers – are you guilty of asking one or more of these?

In a thread on Reddit’s Starbucks Baristas forum, anonymous Starbucks workers old and new agreed that the most frustrating question they’re asked is to do with secret menu drinks.

One barista explained that staff aren’t trained to make anything that isn’t on the official menu, so when you request something you’ve seen online, they most likely won’t know how to do it off the top of their heads.

“‘Can I get [secret menu drinks]?’ Without a recipe, expecting us to know what it is. We have no idea what it is,” they wrote.

Another person said the same goes for customers that ask for the “TikTok drink”.

And when it comes to asking about Keto diet drinks or “healthy” options – don’t even think about it.

They added: “If you’re trying to be Keto, Starbucks shouldn’t be your first option unless you just want a black coffee, 90 percent of our drinks are loaded with sugar.”

A third admitted they really struggled whenever a customer asked for their opinion on a specific drink or sandwich.

They commented: “This is my personal opinion, but I don’t like chocolate or eggs or cheese and nine times out of 10 I only drink refreshers so I don’t like when people ask me to describe what our lattes taste like or how do the sandwiches taste because I don’t have an answer for them except ‘Well I don’t like them but it’s pretty popular’.”

Someone else agreed, adding: “I hate when people ask me if a drink is good because I feel like I could get in trouble if I say ‘Oh no I don’t like it!’

“So I just say I haven’t tried it and that we sell it quite a bit.”

Some of the baristas also weren’t keen on surprising a customer with their favourite item from the menu.

“‘Can you surprise me with your favourite drink!’ Then I do… and they hate it, get annoyed/mad at me, and want a refund… like… you asked.”

Others shared ridiculous requests they had received, with one saying that they had been repeatedly asked to remake a cup of water because a customer wasn’t happy with the amount of ice it contained – despite it being the ‘standard’ amount.