Man’s doorbell camera catches delivery driver’s sweet reaction to sleeping baby

A pizza delivery driver’s emotional apology to a family after almost waking up a sleeping baby has gone viral.

Footage taken from Joey Cadwallader’s doorbell security camera shows the driver covering his mouth in horror and profusely apologising immediately.

He can be heard saying “I’m sorry” before clutching at his head and walking away from the camera.

On TikTok, Joey explained that the couple had put a note on the door asking drivers not to ring the bell, as their baby was sleeping.

People were left in tears by the man’s emotional reaction, with many people guessing that he must be a dad too.

On TikTok, the video of the heartwarming moment has been seen more than three million times since it was uploaded yesterday.

In the caption, Joey said the couple went outside and reassured the driver, adding: “Poor dude beat himself up.”

One person commented: “He’s so wholesome and you can tell he’s a good person.

“As are you guys for not being rude about it.”

Another added: “The fact you can see his emotion of being sorry is apology enough.

“Such a good man.”

A third commented: “The fact you can see the instant regret show how good of a guy he is.

“Simple mistakes and glad everyone was nice [and] kind about it.”

A fourth joked: “He must be a dad to feel that so deeply.”

The pizza delivery driver isn’t the only stranger to go viral on social media after dropping off packages.

A delivery driver’s dance moves were seen millions of times after being caught on camera and shared on social media.

In a TikTok video, the Amazon driver was captured twerking on CCTV after a woman made the cheeky request on her order form.

The video of the hilarious incident has been viewed more than seven million times since it was shared on social media.

Another delivery driver’s heartwarming reaction to a kind gesture left people in tears.

A woman left a sweet note, thanking drivers for dropping off their packages during lockdown, along with a basket filled with treats.

CCTV footage from outside her home shows the delivery driver walking away from the house before throwing his hands in the air.